Holiday Gift Guide

So basically this Gift Guide is my Christmas List!  haha, jk…but for real, I want it ALL!!!!  And GREAT news, everything except 2 items are UNDER $50!!!  And the 2 items that aren’t, I am VERY confident you can get on SALE! Beautycounter’s Poppy Lip Duo, I mean is this Limited Edition Texas Poppy even … Continue Reading

Washington D.C. in 24 Hours

Ideal?  I think not.  Fun?  Most definitely!  One of my favorite things about Dusko and I’s relationship is that is has always been based on being very sporadic/spur of the moment.  This has absolutely changed since we have children and is not the most practical way to live life.  Dusko recently mentioned he had to … Continue Reading

The Easiest and Cutest Treat-Oreo Pops

  Oreo Pops are my go to treat!  They are so stinking easy and just adorable.  I started making them when cake pops first became popular.  See, the thing is, I love to decorate things but I HATE baking!  After many different google and pinterest searches for Cake pops I determined the process of making … Continue Reading

My take on Whole 30

Ahhhh, Whole 30…So I shall mention before you read this that I am a Whole 30 graduate.  So I kind of have a love/hate with Whole 30.  I first heard about it when I was pregnant, insert chuckle, obviously the timing was definitely off on that one.  I had zero interest in it then and … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding-The Truth

The dreaded breastfeeding……Breastfeeding is always something I said I planned to do.  My mom nursed my two brothers and I and for some reason I just always assumed I would do it.  To be honest, in my mind it seemed like it was something that was very easy, natural, and would just happen.  In fact, … Continue Reading

So why don’t you blog about it?!!!

The idea of becoming a blogger has always seemed so appealing to me as I’m already always on Instagram, I love fashion and trends, and I’m a shopaholic. I took a stab at it about a year ago and quite honestly got pretty bored with it very quickly. Lack of content being a major factor. … Continue Reading

The Magic of Disney

Ahhhh!  Where has the time gone. I really thought I’d be better at this blogging thing. Ha. Wrong!  We went to Vegas and then Florida, I’m back so hope to start up with my blog a bit more! I think the day I found out I was pregnant, Dusko, my husband, was like, YES!  We … Continue Reading


 You guys, when your 31 year old brother calls you because he found out you are now responsible for the Lamb cake for Easter and he NEEDS a picture. You know it’s a Tradition!  I have two younger brothers, Jordan 31, and MacKenzie 24(he will kill me if he actually reads this-he definitely goes by … Continue Reading

May we raise them ❤️

We all love our moms, or at least I hope we do. So in honor of International Woman’s Day, I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that I would choose to write about my mom and how she has inspired me to be the person I am today. I could write a million stories about … Continue Reading

Parenting for Dummies

“So, do you have any other children? Is he your first?” The walk in clinic doctor asks Dusko and I. YES, Dr. D, he is our first, YES we have been to the doctor 4 times in 5 days(did I just openly admit that?!?!), and YES we are first time parents. But seriously thank you … Continue Reading