Darling, Today You are One

We had Emerson’s First Birthday Party this weekend, we had a blast and I can’t believe it has already come and gone!  I wasn’t totally in the mood for planning a party this year which is odd because I LOVE to host and throw parties.  I realized that it was because I just wasn’t coming … Continue Reading

Find your Tribe, Love them hard

I’m not even sure where to begin with this post, I feel like it’s been a long time in the making. Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions, where hormones are the downhills because we just don’t have control of them!!!  When I had Max 2 1/2 years ago, I went back to work for … Continue Reading

Recent Amazon Finds!

Hey Guys!  I thought since we have been trapped inside and I haven’t really been able to get to the store to do a Fit Day, Fri-DAY!!!  I linked a bunch of my recent FAVORITES from Amazon!  They are super random items but LOVE them or I wouldn’t be sharing them!!! This belt is definitely my … Continue Reading

My Journey to A Safer Lifestyle

“No, I wouldn’t suggest using that. Your skin is your largest organ. It absorbs everything.”  -my midwife I had when I was pregnant with Max.  This was in reference to using sunless tanning lotion while pregnant. Because, obviously if I was feeling fat, being tan would make me feel way better, right?  Well, I have … Continue Reading

Fit Day, Fri-Day! Loft Try on Session

Loft isn’t always a store that I have shopped at before but I definitely ALWAYS find cute things!!!  Emme and I went this morning while Max was at school and did a try on session.  These were my favorite items!  Everything is linked directly to the item.  I didn’t end up buying anything today which … Continue Reading

Engraved Watches: A timeless gift this Valentine’s Day!

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift?  Aren’t we all!  I know for me personally, Dusko always really thinks about gifts and what he is buying for me.  This of course puts a lot more pressure on me!!!!  haha.  This year, I knew I wanted to find something extra special.  Something from myself and the … Continue Reading

One Chaotic Mess

I make my bed everyday, do you?  Ok, there have been a few days in my adult life I haven’t and before I was married I definitely didn’t always.  As I sit here on the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to share with you why I now make my bed Every.  Single.  Day.  I know … Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide

So basically this Gift Guide is my Christmas List!  haha, jk…but for real, I want it ALL!!!!  And GREAT news, everything except 2 items are UNDER $50!!!  And the 2 items that aren’t, I am VERY confident you can get on SALE! Beautycounter’s Poppy Lip Duo, I mean is this Limited Edition Texas Poppy even … Continue Reading

Washington D.C. in 24 Hours

Ideal?  I think not.  Fun?  Most definitely!  One of my favorite things about Dusko and I’s relationship is that is has always been based on being very sporadic/spur of the moment.  This has absolutely changed since we have children and is not the most practical way to live life.  Dusko recently mentioned he had to … Continue Reading

The Easiest and Cutest Treat-Oreo Pops

  Oreo Pops are my go to treat!  They are so stinking easy and just adorable.  I started making them when cake pops first became popular.  See, the thing is, I love to decorate things but I HATE baking!  After many different google and pinterest searches for Cake pops I determined the process of making … Continue Reading