You guys, when your 31 year old brother calls you because he found out you are now responsible for the Lamb cake for Easter and he NEEDS a picture. You know it’s a Tradition!  I have two younger brothers, Jordan 31, and MacKenzie 24(he will kill me if he actually reads this-he definitely goes by Mack and has since kindergarten because apparently in the 90’s MacKenzie was a girl name. Lol).  Jordan now resides in Truckee,CA near Lake Tahoe, so he and his family of four don’t make it to every holiday. At any rate, apparently Jordan was talking about the ever so famous Lamb cake at work. Too funny. Although my little lamb, who looks like she is Hawaiian is quite funny. I sent that text with extreme pride!  This was NOT the easy task I expected. Infact, thank god for Pinterest.  

I happened to stumble upon this link when I was looking for decorating tips. And oh my!  I started making the lamb Saturday morning around 8am, just incase she fell over. If you plan to make a lamb cake-it’s a MUST read!  

Two years ago at my wedding shower my cousin Valerie thought it would be funny to “will” down the vintage lamb mold. I laughed it off with a smile until the first Easter came and I got a text asking if I was Infact making the lamb cake. Eek!  The mold was in storage as we were in the process of moving. Well, no such luck this year. 

Turns out I impressed myself. Thank god for buttering the sh*t out of it and my lovely grandma for suggesting I use Mayer lemon pound cake instead of regular. Guess what?!?!?!  For the first time in all the years of Lamb cake at the Vitallo household, that big blue plate was EMPTY!  Success. So, anyways, TRADITIONS!  


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