I’m a dreamer. An imaginer. A worker. A wanna be chef. A mom. And a shopper!  I’ve always wanted to open my own boutique. My boutique was to be called “Twee”.

I’ve spent years managing stores for others. I recently left my job to stay at home with my son, Maxwell. I am finally ready to share my love of shopping and of life with the world. The medium by which I plan to share has shifted, altered from a boutique into a blog by the ever changing world around us.

Twee represents my dreams coming to fruition. I welcome you to decorate, shop, eat, travel and enjoy life along this journey with me!  





Congrats Liss! I always knew you could do this…and SHOULD do this! 😘


Thanks for always supporting me when I have an idea😘😘😘


Dear Lissa, I was scrolling thru my facebook page & saw the post from your hubby (Ted 🙂 I helped myself to your blog. I’m so impressed by all your accomplishes in life. Your blog about the flowers brought a giggle to my heart & a tear to my eye. I remember those days when you girls were in grade school & on. I remember the Barbie memories & all the giggles of some pretty lil girls that remain friends to this day. Thanks for memories & I look forward to many more thru your blog ~ love & hugs to all


Thanks Dianne! And thanks for taking the time to read!

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