“So, do you have any other children? Is he your first?” The walk in clinic doctor asks Dusko and I.

YES, Dr. D, he is our first, YES we have been to the doctor 4 times in 5 days(did I just openly admit that?!?!), and YES we are first time parents. But seriously thank you for bringing a semi chuckle to my face that horrible Sunday morning at 7am.

Maxwell was sick this past week and quite honestly I felt completely helpless. This little precious being is in so much pain and there is little to nothing you can do to help him. I mean isn’t there a guide or a manual I can read???? Why is parenting one of the single handed most important jobs, yet one of the only jobs without an instruction manual???? I know, I know, every child is different. I get that and I also get that my friend Google is great when looking for a dress I saw someone wearing that I just have to have, however, not my friend when my child is sick. Ugh. It took everything in me NOT to google anything regarding Maxwell this week. I really do for the most part try not to google much regarding him. His first few days of existence, Google made me this crazy ball of anxiety I didn’t know could ever exist. I am definitely no doctor and for sure not a pediatrician, but I will say that mother’s instinct/women’s intuition, it’s crazy but she does kick in when you need her most. At any rate-The struggle is Real. Very Real. Per Dr. D, I’m fairly confident the second child won’t cause as much anxiety! Haha.

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