Oreo Pops are my go to treat!  They are so stinking easy and just adorable.  I started making them when cake pops first became popular.  See, the thing is, I love to decorate things but I HATE baking!  After many different google and pinterest searches for Cake pops I determined the process of making them was just too lengthy for someone like me.  Thus, I found a picture of cake pops once for my annual ornament party and now have made them multiple times for different holidays and events!

What you will need:

Double Stuffed Oreos

Treat Sticks(I always use wilton simply because they are easy to find)

Wilton candy melts(you can of course use any kind of chocolate but I usually need colors)

Decor of any kind

clear treat bags for packaging individually

cute ties for packaging

Aluminum foil or parchment paper


STEP 1-Prep

Cover your countertop with aluminum foil or parchment paper.  Separate the Oreos, I usually twist them to open.  Warning:  you will end up breaking a few, I usually feed those to my husband.


STEP 2-Oreo Pop Assembly

Place the treat stick in the center of the Oreo side that has all of the creamy goodness, then place the other side of the Oreo on top.  This makes the actual Oreo pop, see how much easier this is than Cake pops!!!  I have at times used frosting to help keep the oreos together once the stick is inside.  They usually stay together just fine once the chocolate covers them anyways but if you are a perfectionist use the frosting as glue!

STEP 3-Melting the Candy Melts

I have wasted so much in the past because its so easy to over cook chocolate. FOLLOW the directions on the bag-trust me.  Basically, heat the chocolate on defrost for 60 seconds, then 30 second intervals after.  It usually doesn’t take longer than a minute.

STEP 4-Dip the Oreos

This pretty much speaks for itself.  Dip the Oreos into the candy melts, this is my favorite part because your product is really coming to life here.  Set each one back onto the aluminum foil or parchment paper, decorate with whatever you would like.

STEP 5-Let them cool

STEP 6-Package

Wrap them up in little baggies or whatever packaging.  I love this step because they end up looking so professional.  For this particular round of oreo pops, I used a mini bail of hay to hold them up because they are pumpkins!  Such a fun little centerpiece.




Where has this super simple and delicious treat idea been my whole life?? So fun! I can’t wait to make them for Halloween treats…. Xmas treats…. Easter treats…the possibility are endless! I’ve made cake pops before and told myself “never again!” – they were just too time-consuming. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Right?!?!?! So glad you love them!

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